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Bokor Strainer

Cast in Brass


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Bokor Strainer

The Bokors are the magicians who perform black magic in the Voddoo. According to Haitian tradition, people who dedicate themselves to this type of santeria before they die will end up dealing with all the evil they have caused. This is the reason why few of them live beyond the age of 30.

The choices and acts we do in our lives have been represented in this piece by the finger that functions as a handle. And the skull has been carved with the physiognomy of a 30-year-old adult man.

This julep strainer can be used like an ice scoop

240 gr.

Sculpted by hand.

Limited edition. Only 100 units.

Numbered pieces.

Polish by hand.

No welds, one solid piece of brass.

Clean by hand.

This product is Subject to Bottesi policy. Once sold out, it won’t be produced again.

Product designed and produced by Bottesi in Madrid.

Worldwide shipping.

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