Seven Strainer

Seven Strainer
06/06/2018 Andrea Bottesi
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Seven Strainer Bottesi

Each strainer we design and manufacture has a history and a reason for being. Every product that we sell is made with our hands, and therefore, a part of ourselves remains in them even once they leave the workshop.

The longer one works on a strainer, the more parts of oneself stay in it. The case of Seven is even more personal. This is the most personal of all the tools we have designed so far.

After taking molds from our own hands and creating copies in wax, the detail and texture of the hand has been worked in order to achieve a realistic piece in brass.Symbolism is always very present in our products, and they usually have a universal meaning.

However, in the case of Seven, Bottesi has created a strainer with symbols that only have meaning for him: his obsession with the number seven and the bad luck that influences him. This number has become an alarm to alert you to encroaching danger, and to warn that you will face a test whenever that number appears…

Nevertheless, symbols are only significant to those who know their meaning and that is why we have decided to manufacture only 7 units of this strainer, number them, and explain the history after the number 7 in each of the strainers. The meaning of each strainer’s symbolism will be described in a text which will be divided into 7 parts and each of them will be recorded in each of the 7 colanders. We ourselves are the only ones responsible for everything that happens to us in our life, all the good and all the bad. With our own hands we decide what to do and what not to do, which decisions to make. Our hands are what stop or kill time. They create our future, and are the culprits of what happen to us. Our hands have pointed and chosen. You can buy the strainer Seven here and become part of the story …

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