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Santa Muerte


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Santa Muerte Strainer




The first edition of the strainer Santa Muerte, was designed in 2016, and was produced in a small amount. The Santa Muerte is a syncretic divinity typical of the South American regions.

The original strainer was made in response to the laments of several customers who complained that their strainers had been stolen during their shifts. Unfortunately when a Bottesi strainer runs out, it is not manufactured again, so if the strainer is stolen. It is lost forever.

Santa Muerte is here to protect all the Strainers lost or stolen during these years.

Our dead woman protects a strainer between her hands.




No welds.

One solid piece of stainless Steel Aisi 304.

Numbered units.

Dishwasher safe.

This product is Subject to Bottesi policy. Once sold out, it won’t be produced again.

Product designed and produced by Bottesi in Madrid.

Worldwide shipping.

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Dimensions14 × 10.5 × 2.5 cm