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Knell Strainer – Double coil

Naga – Special Edition


As usual at Bottesi we have produced a new special edition.

Only 7  units.

In Southeast Asian folklore, the Phaya Naga are serpent-like creatures, believed by locals to live in the Mekong river or estuaries. Common explanations of their sightings have been attributed to oarfish, elongated fish with red crests; however, these are exclusively marine and usually live at great depths. People in both Laos and Thailand attribute the naga fireballs phenomenon to these creatures.

Thai folklore holds the Phaya Naga to be semi-divine, demi-creatures, which possess supernatural powers as has been described in Buddhist and Hindu cosmology.


The Knell strainer is the first double spring strainer in the world, for a better strain. Two springs in a specific position for fit inside your shaker or mixing glass.

The first coil, with a larger diameter, adapts to the interior of the cocktail or mixing glas, blocking the large pieces of ice and fruit. The second one with a lower diameter is thicker and makes a final filtering of the smallest ice and fruit. Avoiding having to do a fine strainer. By separating the two coils it is possible that the liquid comes out of the cocktail shaker quickly


153 gr

1.5mm thick

No welds, one solid piece of stainless steel Aisi 304

Dishwasher safe.

This product is Subject to Bottesi policy. Once sold out, it won’t be produced again

Product designed and produced by Bottesi in Madrid.

Worldwide shipping.

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