KAPALA Strainer. Step 1

KAPALA Strainer. Step 1
09/09/2018 Andrea Bottesi
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When we create a strainer from scratch there is always a long way to go before us. First of all, we always create a new product to satisfy an internal need, that is, we create a new strainer because we want to work and investigate this new idea, then we must see if that new idea will be liked by our customers and finally know if it fits with the theme and aesthetics of our brand.

If we have obtained an affirmative answer to all those questions, we begin the work of the new product.

In this case, through these post we will detail step by step the creation of a new 3D Julep Strainer.


Kapala is a sanskrit word to say skull, and it is a ritual bowl used in tibet created using human skulls or animals decorated with precious metals and stones.

(obviously this object fits with the theme and aesthetics of our brand …)

I was fortunate to see several human and animal Kapalas in Robert Hernandez’s tattoo studio, and I was able to obtain a perfect strainer from that piece.

The Kapalas can be created in various ways, cutting the top of the skull, to obtain a bowl that is then polished and hand-engraved with intricate designs, or using the entire skull, and decorating it with silver and precious stones. According to what I was able to discover according to the color of the stones used, it is possible to know if the skull belonged to a woman or a man.

To work with this piece, several options are open to us. We ask to perform a human or animal skull. Depending on your choice we can do everything from scratch or directly make a mold to an existing piece.

Obviously if we can buy a human kapala (something extremely expensive and difficult to get online) we could not make a mold directly because the final size of the piece would be too large and would not fit in any shaker.

On the contrary if we buy a kapala of an animal … (simpler thing to get online) We could select the skull of an animal that once made the mold, the final piece fits properly in a shaker.

In technical terms, any mold made will give us a copy with a reduction in size of 0.8%.

We still do not know what we will choose … But if you want to advise us write us and tell us what you think.