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Baphomet - Special Edition -

Limited edition - only 1 unit

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Baphomet Julep Strainer - Special Edition - ONLY 1 UNIT

3D Strainer

Designed and manufactured entirely in Madrid Spain by our workshop, this tool has been modeled and cast by hand in brass.  This strainer was designed taking as inspiration our original Baphomet Julep Strainer. The piece was engraved on the back with a Gothic font and curlicues. 

The phrase Bottesi Fecit "did bottesi", comes from Latin and was very common used among coin engravers, who signed their designs with their name followed by an F or the word Fecit.

As is common, the date 1717 symbolizes the beginnings of modern traditions. Present in our designs.

Not all strainers are the same.

173 gr.

Cast in brass

Wash by hand

Numbered pieces

Only 1 unit available

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