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Dragon and Koi Strainer Pack

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Dragon and Koi Strainer Pack

The strainer pack Dragon and Koi, belongs to the Third Degree collection. A selection of strainers that, due to their design, have remained one of Bottesi's emblematic products.

These strainers have been submitted to the third degree and have passed it.

The Dragon and Koi, was designed in 2016, and was produced in a small amount.

This new reissue has respected the original shape of the strainers manufactured in 2016, but we have improved the details of the dragon and koi skin. giving more detail to animal scales.

According to Japanese tradition, the origin of dragons lies in the tents that continually fight against the current in the rivers. The few who manage to overcome the slope formed by the falls become dragons. This legend was shaped with the manufacture of this pack, in which the two strainers fit perfectly with each other, like two tiles

Each piece has been numbered

Each pack contains one Dragon strainer and one Koi Strainer.

1.5mm thick

Dishwasher safe

Strainer made from a solid piece of stainless steel without any weld. Spring in a closed loop.

This product is Subject to Bottesi policy. Once sold out, it won’t be produced again. Product designed and produced by Bottesi in Madrid.

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