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Santa Muerte - Martelé Finish

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Santa Muerte - Martelé Finish

The strainer Santa Muerte - Martele Finish , belongs to the Third Degree collection. A selection of strainers that, due to their design, have remained one of Bottesi's emblematic products. For this model we offer The Martelé finish. A proces where we hammered the surface for produce to harden the metal.

These strainers have been submitted to the third degree and have passed it.

The strainer Santa Muerte, was designed in 2016, and was produced in a small amount. This strainer is inspired by Santa Muerte, a syncretic divinity typical of the South American regions. Between his hands, Santa Muerte protects a strainer, a symbol of the door between liquid and solid.

1 gr.

1.5mm thick

No welds, one solid piece of stainless steel Aisi 304

Dishwasher safe.

Product designed and produced by Bottesi in Madrid

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