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Bottesi Roll Bag

Bottesi Roll Bag


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In the Newest Roll Bag we have added more space for your bar tools and tie-ins for your jiggers.  We have even added a durable shoulder strap. 

The Large Roll Bag has 6 multi-sized pockets in which you can carry 8-14 tools depending on your own personal preference. 

This model was created to be transported inside your Amonet Bag. Or you can use the shoulder strap for easy carry.

The bag is entirely hand cut and hand stitched without using any machines.

The leather selected is a limited run and each roll bag will be unique in shade and texture.

Approx measures. (49 cm x 53 cm) *Each Bag slightly different dimensions

This pack include the FREE SHIPPING. The discount will be applied in the step 4.

Worldwide shipping.

Roll Bag Only, Tools not included

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