Bokor Strainer

Bokor Strainer
09/11/2018 Andrea Bottesi
In The process
Bokor Julep Strainer Bottesi

BOKOR is our fourth 3D strainer. As is customary we have modeled and designed it by hand and the final piece has been cast in brass.

But what story exists behind this last piece.

The voodoo that is the predominant religion in Haiti, and in some other areas of Africa and the United States, is an animistic religion that has different spirits and sorcerers within its creed.

The Bokor are priests that normally have been related to the creation of the zombies and the service to a loa (supernatural entity that acts as an intermediary being).

Within the initiatory cult, and of any other ritual within the world of voodoo, an offering of blood towards your loa is necessary, the most usual is the sacrifice of an animal that thanks to its blood allows to call the loa and be chosen by him.

But to be a Bokor, you must have been touched by a specific praise. Your finger should have signaled you before you were born. Once chosen your loa will protect you the rest of your life but being a Bokor has a very high price.

Because he who serves black magic and creates evil with his will receives it back through his life. And his life is usually very short.