Since 2010, at the Bottesi workshop, we have designed, manufactured and customized strainers along with other bar products. Our experience during this decade has given us the possibility of creating a multitude of personalized elements for brands and brand ambassadors, as well as for bartenders looking for new tools, or elements to present on their menus.
Giving importance only to the design, its finish and the chosen materials.

The final product is the only thing that can truly represent the work and values ​​behind a brand.

From the beginning, there have been several companies that manufacture bar tools, due to this the founding idea of ​​Bottesi was to create products focusing on their design and quality, without giving importance to the people who manufactured it and leaving the focus and giving value to the products. Well, they are the ones who will talk about us. About the brand.

Likewise, our goal has never been to be a global manufacturer that saturates the entire market with identical products. Our goal is to produce limited, numbered editions that tell a story, that have meaning. And once they are sold out, they are never made again. There are no two equal bartenders, two identical bars, much less are there two identical sazeracs. Therefore, no two tools should be the same.

If you are looking for a product that only exists in your imagination, a design that has not been found on the web. Contact us, maybe we can help you.